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Hardware Wallet Cheat Sheet: Important Hacks for HODLers

Think you know all about hardware wallets? What about reviewing some of the important features of the best cryptocurrency wallets HODLers could ever get? Our hardware wallet cheat sheet does just the trick!


Prokey Optimum Hardware Wallet

The Best Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrency

With so many exciting projects and wide cryptocurrency adoption, a hardware wallet, and the best of it, would be your best companion in the year 2022!


Prokey Optimum Hardware Wallet

Are Hardware Wallets Worth It?

Your coins and tokens deserve special treatment and with that, a hardware wallet or a cold storage device; but are hardware wallets really worth it?


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Non Fungible, or Non-Fair? Striking Evidence Concerning Inequality In The NFT Art Marketplace

Decentralization in the form of NFTs has helped many artists overcome lots of obstacles that would be considered normal in an auction sale, but not all!


Sign message in cryptocurrency wallets

Providing Proof of Fund in Cryptocurrency via Sign & Verify Messages

What is Proof of Fund? Proof of Fund (PoF) is the documentation of a person's or entity's ability to make a transaction. This usually encompasses if the person or entity has enough funds or not. PoFs can be a bank, security, or custody statement.


Enable Your Prokey Device as a U2F Security Key For Your Online Accounts

First, for those who don’t know, U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) uses specialized USB or NFC devices to strengthen and simplify two factor authentication (2FA) processes by being an open authentication standard. The technology behind these specialized or NFC devices is similar to that...