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Sign message in cryptocurrency wallets

Providing Proof of Fund in Cryptocurrency via Sign & Verify Messages

What is Proof of Fund? Proof of Fund (PoF) is the documentation of a person's or entity's ability to make a transaction. This usually encompasses if the person or entity has enough funds or not. PoFs can be a bank, security, or custody statement.

So, what is PoF in terms of cryp ...

XRP hardware wallet

Prokey now supports XRP on latest firmware

We're quite excited about this announcement in particular. Providing full support for a cryptocurrency like XRP has much benefit for both sides of the fence. Alongside many exciting coins and tokens.


Enable Your Prokey Device as a U2F Security Key For Your Online Accounts

First, for those who don’t know, U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) uses specialized USB or NFC devices to strengthen and simplify two factor authentication (2FA) processes by being an open authentication standard. The technology behind these specialized or NFC devices is similar to that...


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PIN it on the Device: A Prokey Firmware Update

We’ve got tremendous news to share! In the newest firmware update for our Prokey Optimum hardware wallet, we’re including a nifty and exciting feature alongside updates and additions that will just get you all riled up!


In this update, we’ve disable th ...

What is mutual authentication and how it increases security?

In this method, both parties authenticate each other without exchanging private keys. This method uses single-use private keys for exchanging confidential information, Private keys will be valid just for that one time. Sounds complicated? Let us simplify it with an example


Basic Recovery Seed Backup Tips and Strategies

how do you keep your recovery seed safe and sound? Well, that is where we come in to share with you some tips and strategies.