Get Started with your Prokey Hardware Wallet

Creating a new wallet or restoring your old wallet has never been easier with Prokey. Take a look at the videos below or you can read the step-by-step guide by clicking the link below the video!
You need the 24-word recovery phrase in order to restore the private keys to regain access to your assets. You should never use a wallet that you don’t have the recovery phrase to.
We don’t. You are required to install the firmware yourself. If the device you purchased already has the firmware installed, DO NOT use it and contact our customer support.
If your device is not running the latest firmware, a warning message will show when you connect the device and open the wallet in the browser. It will then redirect you to update the firmware.
We highly recommend to use a PIN to protect your device. If you lose your device, your assets are still secured.
A PIN is a basic authentication that protects against unauthorized access to your device. A passphrase is an optional feature that allows the creation of hidden wallets. It will be added to the end of your seed and that will generate a new wallet. It is considered the ultimate protection against physical attacks to the device or even to the recovery seed.