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How Do You Know Your Prokey Wallet Is Genuine? 

Your hardware wallet would be delivered to you with no firmware on it! The whole firmware installation process is on you; with that, you can easily install the firmware and enjoy highest level of security


Exchange without leaving the site

Prokey and ChangeNow partnership: Exchange without leaving your wallet

The Prokey wallet has just been updated to make your cryptocurrency exchanges simpler and more seamless than ever before. Now, you can exchange between different cryptocurrencies without ever leaving the site! 


manage Binance Smart Chain and all BEP20 tokens via Prokey hardware wallet

Binance Smart Chain and All BEP20 are available on Prokey now!

We are excited to address the addition of support for the Binance Smart Chain, which in turn, provides support for all BEP20 tokens!


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Growth, in its purest form, is best done without restrictions. When a young bird jumps from the nest, it does so by leaving its attachment to the restrictions of it.


Join the Prokey Beta Testers

Since customer satisfaction is the main concern in Prokey, we are ready to open the doors to all cryptocurrency users for beta testing! As a beta tester, all customers (new or existing) have the opportunity to test a new device before it is widely available to customers and...