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Become the only person who has full control of your own funds. Prokey hardware wallet keeps your private key offline and protected while enabling you to receive, send, and manage Shiba Inu while supporting over 1000+ cryptocurrencies.
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    We implemented a secure method to make sure firmware is always geniune, third parties cannot make any changes on the Prokey bootloader and your device will only be updated from the official website.
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    Access your Shiba Inu wallet through a web browser and confirm all actions on your Prokey device.
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    Manage all of your Shiba Inu and other crypto assets through one easy-to-use platform.
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What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu, or the SHIB token, is the first token released by the decentralized Shiba Inu community and an ERC-20 token. SHIB came out as a meme coin just like DOGE but followed a different path than the latter after the initial release.  The founders of SHIB sent %50 of all SHIB reserves to Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, to create scarcity and an increased value due to him burning the received tokens. Their plans worked as they expected as Buterin burned %90 of the SHIB tokens he had received and donated the remaining %10 to a Covid-19 fund in India. Besides being based on the Ethereum Blockchain, SHIB is not a Smart-Contract-Based token and can be used only for transferring purposes.


SHIB Coin’s Future: Could the DogeCoin Killer Really Beat DOGE?

SHIB, which is just like DogeCoin under $1, has recently been getting additional attention, especially from investors with tighter budgets or the ones new to the crypto market. SHIB’s somewhat chaotic entrance into the crypto market and its scarcity have made it a valuable asset to some.

As financial experts agree, there is already a mass movement to SHIB tokens in the crypto market, mainly by newbies. Although some might call it off as wishful thinking, SHIB’s rise is not impossible as the crypto market has already always been at odds with the traditional stock market-based expectations.

Hardware wallet for Shiba Inu

To save your Shiba Inu tokens from the possible threats and dangers of downloading third-party apps, extensions, or bridges, the Prokey Web-Based interface connects to the hardware wallet using WebUSB. Besides keeping users safe from the dangers posed by third-party apps, the WebUSB feature spares users from installing and uninstalling apps to make space for new assets they have purchased.

Prokey supports Shiba Inu on both BSC and Ethereum blockchains which allows users to manage their assets by switching between both networks easily.



Shiba Inu (SHIB)
$6289090865 USD
$589360381339599 USD

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