Join the Prokey Beta Testers


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PUBLISHED ON Feb, 19 2020


Since customer satisfaction is the main concern in Prokey, we are ready to open the doors to all cryptocurrency users for beta testing! As a beta tester, all customers (new or existing) have the opportunity to test a new device before it is widely available to customers and give us feedback on your experience. With the support and feedback from you as beta tester, we can improve Prokey products and bring it to higher quality level before releasing them to the public. If you want to participate, simply open a Support ticket titled “Prokey Beta” to request access and our team will add you to the list. As a reward for becoming a beta teste, you will:

- Have the opportunity to shape how our new products look and work
- Gain early access to new features and products
- Connect with Prokey’s development team and have the chance to directly influence the quality of the product you use

Requirements for applicants:
Must be 18 years old or older
Have good technical skills and experience with cryptocurrencies
Can communicate in English language

We’re here to help at any time, just open a Support ticket or comment on this post. We appreciate your interest and support in launching our newest products, It’s an exciting time at Prokey and we’re glad you are a part of it.