PIN it on the Device: A Prokey Firmware Update


2 min

PUBLISHED ON Mar, 02 2021

We’ve got tremendous news to share! In the newest firmware update for our Prokey Optimum hardware wallet, we’re including a nifty and exciting feature alongside updates and additions that will just get you all riled up!


In this update, we’ve disable the need to enter PIN numbers onto the browser wallet interface and simply transferred it to be exclusively entered on the device itself. We always believed that the strongest form of security is preparation and foresight and with that, we’ve implemented a security feature that we believe is the safest form for entering PIN when you want to access your accounts on the device.


With the recent news about phishing and supply-chain attacks on hardware wallets, this update should present to all users a stronger sense of peace-of-mind. We have a notion that goes, if all our users have peace-of-mind, we have peace-of-mind.


Also, we’ve added Maidsafecoin, which is a popular cryptocurrency token based on the OMNI Protocol, into the wallet so you can now enjoy using and HODL-ing your MAID safe and sound. Running along with this update are the updates for Uniswap and several other ERC20 tokens which colour our list of supported coins and tokens even more.


It’s a good time to remind all our users that above all else, we value the security and accessibility that we offer. We work tirelessly to provide the best and strongest versions of the two and with all your support, our work is worthwhile. Keep the fight for a decentralized world alive and remember to keep your coins and tokens safe in a Prokey Optimum!