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Prokey's latest firmware v1.10.5

New Prokey Firmware v1.10.5: Embracing Enhanced Transparency

At Prokey, we continually strive to push the boundaries of what's possible with our hardware wallets, enhancing security, functionality, and overall user experience. We're delighted to announce the release of our newest firmware update, version 1.10.5, which brings a host of improvements ...

test new version of hardware wallet

Join Beta Testers and Help Shape the Future of Prokey Wallet

We are excited to announce that our beta wallet is now live and we are inviting our current users to join our beta testing of the wallet. We need your help to test our platform and give us valuable feedback so we can continue to improve and develop it to meet your needs.

By joining our ...

NFTs Dark Side Scams and Rug Pulls and How You Can Be Safe

NFTs Dark Side Scams and Rug Pulls and How You Can Be Safe

As an investor, you need to be aware of the dark side scams of NFTs. But in every marketplace, there are bound to be mischievous people looking to scam unaware NFT enthusiasts.


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How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

Ever since the pronounced growth of the crypto market in 2017 (and onwards), we should expect it to have exponential increment in the years to come. 


Official Launching Of The Prokey Optimum

When we do something in life, we would want to do it the best we can. Call it doing it the most optimum way possible. Launching the very first product of our hardware wallet line-up has taken many steps and has shed many a drop of blood and tears but here we are, proud and very much excited. We w ...

Is Cryptocurrency Our Future?

Imagine a world where there is a single currency. That would be one of the first prominent steps towards unifying all the people of the world towards a common goal; decentralized unity...