Join Beta Testers and Help Shape the Future of Prokey Wallet


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PUBLISHED ON Jan, 26 2023

We are excited to announce that our beta wallet is now live and we are inviting our current users to join our beta testing of the wallet. We need your help to test our platform and give us valuable feedback so we can continue to improve and develop it to meet your needs.

By joining our beta testing program, you will have the opportunity to be among the first to test our new features and functions and provide us with valuable insights on how we can improve the overall user experience. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our platform, and we are committed to incorporating your suggestions and ideas into our development roadmap.

The beta testing program is open to all current users, and there is no cost to participate. To join, simply connect your Prokey and go to to send, receive and manage your crypto assets. 

The beta version of Prokey wallet which we call version 2.0 in the near future has fundamental changes within the same interface with a lot of new features including:

1) Adding a custom token that allows you to add any ERC20 or BEP20 tokens into the Prokey wallet.

2) Getting a backup of the browser’s local storage into Google Drive, therefore, if you accidentally delete your local storage or browser cache, you will have access to the current configuration on Google cloud.

3) An overview of all of your assets as a portfolio in one glance

In addition, all parts of the wallet have been refactored and changed, which helps us to add new cryptocurrencies faster, use multiple blockchain data providers for each crypto asset and add new features easier.

We are looking forward to working with you to create the best platform possible and we appreciate your support and participation in our beta testing program.

Thank you for your support.