Prokey and ChangeNow partnership: Exchange without leaving your wallet


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PUBLISHED ON Dec, 28 2021

The Prokey wallet has just been updated to make your cryptocurrency exchanges simpler and more seamless than ever before. Now, you can exchange between different cryptocurrencies without ever leaving the site! The entire process happens right in front of you with an easy-to-use interface that gives all necessary information at one glance.

Please notice that Prokey has no responsibility for the process, exchange rates, fees, support or functionality of the exchange and everything handled by the exchange provider. Therefore, you must contact the exchange provider in order to any inquiry about the exchange.

The good news is that you don't need to register or verify your identity with any third parties when using the exchange feature on Prokey Wallet. The process occurs entirely within the wallet, so there's no need for KYC in this situation! However, if the exchange provider decides to enforce KYC or registration for any reason, verification will be done by them.

How to perform an exchange?

Please take a look at our this article about performing an exchange inside the wallet interface.

About ChangeNow

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial service created for simple and fast cryptocurrency exchanges. They strive for maximum safety, simplicity, and convenience and do not store your funds or require any sort of account creation. ChangeNOW has almost 300 coins available for exchange and does not hold any limits; you can exchange as much as you want - account-free, worry-free, fast and easy.